PUK code unlock on Samsung Galaxy S III

Related Samsung Galaxy S III errors:

  • ‘PIN code blocked. Enter PUK code:’
  • ‘Enter PUK code’
  • ‘SIM card locked. Emergency calls only. Please contact Customer Care’

If you enter a PIN code incorrectly several times in a row, the Samsung Galaxy S III blocks you from attempting again. To enter a PUK code and unblock the PIN, follow these steps:

Important: You must call Customer Care for the PUK code. Entering the wrong code can permanently damage your SIM card.

  1. Contact Customer Care to request your PUK code.
  2. When the device displays ‘SIM card is PUK-Locked. Please contact Customer Care’, tap Emergency Call.
  3. Enter the following: **05*PUK*NEWPIN*NEWPIN#
  4. Tap OK.

Tips about baby’s sunbathing in winter


Protect eyes. The sunbathing time should according to the age of the baby, step by step, you can from more than 10 minutes gradually increase to 1~2 hours or each time 15~30 minutes, several times a day. Moreover, it’s necessary to let the baby wear a hat with a brim, protecting the retina.
Skin exposure. Some mothers worrying their babies will catch a cold, so let them wear hat, gloves and mask. However, they don’t know if like this, it’s no use to take sunbathing. According to the temperature at the time, you let your baby take sunbathing, so you should let him/her expose his/her skin as much as possible.
Don’t bathe after sunbathing. The baby had better eat something before sunbathing and not bathe after sunbathing. Because if the baby take a bath the 7-dehydrocholesterol which synthesize the activated vitamin D in the skin will be washed off and reduce the function of promoting calcic absorption.
Wear red clothes. The baby had better wear red clothes, for the long wave radiation from them can quickly “eat” the destructive short-wave ultraviolet, and had better not wear black clothes.

Which kind of shoes is suitable for pregnant woman in winter?

Pregnant women also like to wear cute maternity clothes, but do not forget the importance of shoes. Which kind of shoes can be regarded as professional shoes designed for pregnant woman? The shoes are to keep the woman and her baby safe and comfortable during the pregnancy. So they must have the following basic functions:


  1. Antiskid. Professional shoes designed for pregnant woman usually choose natural rubber as the sole, for it has the very good function of antiskid. They can assure the safety of pregnant woman, even in wet places.
  2. Shockproof. A pair of shoes having the function of shockproof can prevent the walking vibration that affect the fetus’ brain development.
  3. Protect arches of foot. A pregnant woman will gain weight which leads to the longitudinal arch collapse during pregnancy, so shoes should have the function of protecting arches of foot.
  4. Adjust size. Professional shoes have the function of adjusting size according to foot changes of the pregnant woman during pregnancy.
  5. Breathable. A pregnant woman’s foot is easy to perspire especially in winter, so the shoes must have fine permeability to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Therefore the mother and her baby can spend the period of pregnancy safely.
  6. Assure the center of gravity. This is the most important on choosing shoes. During the middle of pregnancy or later, the pregnant women is easy to walk unsteadily because her abdomen is growing larger and larger. So she is easy to feel sore all over. The professional shoes should have the function of distributing her support point so as to make her walk safely during the later period.

How to prevent and respond to the baby cough?

Baby cough is self-protective behavior, it is a good thing to cough out the foreign body or phlegm through coughing Therefore, cough is just a normal physiological reflex, and the disease causing the baby cough is the real culprit.


1. Keep fresh air in the room

Polluted air can cause undesirable stimulation to the respiratory mucous , even make it congestion, edema, increased secretions to aggravate the cough. Therefore, we need to maintain indoor air fresh, the cooking fumes need to be discharge; parents are forbidden to smoking at home; we should open the window for some ventilation regularly. Doctor Zhao said, indoor fresh air also can have disinfection effect. We should open the window twice a day, 20 minutes at a time.

2. Adjust the room temperature, timely change clothing

From 25 ℃ to 28 ℃ is appropriate temperature, called neutral temperature. It’s hard to keep it under general conditions, but we can keep the room temperature not too high or too low. Appropriate switch doors and windows, avoid indoor personnel crowded. Many parents believe that children are more afraid of cold than adults, so they often cover their children too thick regardless of season and places, which lead to their kids’ poor adjustment ability and low resistance.

3. Keep the indoor proper humidity

Environment is too dry, humidity of the air drops may cause mucous membrane dry, brittle, small blood vessels bleeding, cilia movement limited, and it is not easy to produce sputum. If the respiratory has inflammation, the effect is more apparent.  How to maintain indoor humidity? Commonly wet mop can be used, or sprinkle some water on the floor.

4. Assure enough sleep

During sleep, the whole body muscle relaxation, response to external stimuli reduce, activities such as heartbeat and breathing, discharge reduce, which is beneficial to the function recover of various organs and rehabilitation of disease.

5. Some tips

Drink water more, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash your hands frequently. Do not take children to those places where are crowded to avoid cross infection. Let the children to exercise appropriately to improve children’s physical fitness and adapt to the cold weather.